Supporting Students Today,

Preparing Students for Tomorrow.

Who We Are

The District 54 Education Foundation is an all-volunteer (501)(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to its mission of assisting School District 54 in ensuring student success. Since its founding in 1987 the Foundation has donated nearly $1 million to fund various initiatives. Ongoing efforts rely, in part, on donations from members of the community, like you, who have generously invested in education through the Foundation. While Foundation programs have shifted over the years, its focus has remained the same: supporting our students today and preparing students for tomorrow. In District 54, 22 percent of students qualify for the federal free lunch program. Over the years, the District 54 Education Foundation’s focus has been to ensure all District 54 students have the same opportunities by funding

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Foundation allocated $40,000 to go toward supporting District 54 students and families through the district’s five food pantries. Prior to COVID-19 pandemic the district’s food pantries serviced 10-20 families per month. They are currently serving 50-75 families per month. This year, the Foundation has donated $20,000 to the food pantries to help them purchase the most needed items in bulk, to provide a more consistent offering to families. The Foundation plans to continue this support of the food pantries as it aligns with the mission of the Foundation’s Food 4 Thought program, which provides breakfast to students so they begin their day ready to learn. To make a monetary donation to the District 54 food pantries, or if you are a family in need of food, visit